First Year Real Estate Agent Tips

So, you got yourself a real estate license! You’re finally a real estate agent! Congratulations!

Let’s talk about some things that can help you get on the ground and running.


Your Secret Weapon

Many times, new real estate agents think they can start getting clients by strictly using social media, and word of mouth. Using social media is definitely a must and can definitely increase your brand recognition. But word of mouth won’t happen until you’ve established your brand already.

A real estate agent’s secret weapon is their phone. Calling the people in your database will let you gain a bit of mindshare. The more you keep in touch with them, the more they will think of you when they are planning on buying or selling.

Talking over the phone is most effective in these cases. (this can also apply to partnerships with other businesses)

So,l pick up that phone and start dialing! Ideally, you should call everyone in your database once a quarter. Be personable and honest and let them know you are a professional wanting to help.


The Importance “No”

In order to become a good real estate agent, you need to not let the word ”no” bother you. You’re going to be talking to lots and lots of people. And the majority of them won’t need your help at that moment.

It is important to know that the word “no” almost always has a condition behind it. When you’re talking to people and they say no, try to find out the reasons why. They may not be committed to their answer and you may be able to change their mind. The more you do this the better you will get at it. Write a script and dialogue and perfect it.


Investing in Yourself

If you are thinking that being a real estate agent is “just a job” then you are going about it all wrong. You should be viewing yourself and your new position as a business owner. You are the one creating time for your business, planning for future growth and success, and investing in a database that provides you and your clients with value.

Getting a CRM that will bring value to the table will usually cost you something. Do your research and get the right on for you. Some are robust and have automated emailing etc, (Real Geeks) while others are dirt cheap and can only hold your contacts.

You don’t only have to invest money in online tools and software. Investing in continuous education so that you can better serve your clients is another good way to spend time.


It Gets Easier

Going into real estate is a journey, and to most, it starts off as a difficult one. It’s always difficult trying something new. But the good news is that once you get the hang of it, it will only get easier.

Your first handful of cold calls will be hard. Selling your first home will be hard. You will learn from your mistakes, and you will learn from your accomplishments. This is what will mold you into a good real estate agent.

Ask other real estate agents for tips and pointers to make the journey easier. Learn from them rather than relying on yourself alone.