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URocket Realty ROCKS!!  Unlike some Brokers, Mike and John are both extremely responsive any time you call with a problem,  or question.  We are extremely happy that we joined their company, and look forward to many more years Rockin’ it!! -Karen Martin


What we love about being a Urocket Realty Partner? We love the training and support we get from John and Mike. Knowing that when we’re in the middle of a deal and need guidance, one of them will always answer or get right back with you quickly is paramount! Being new agents can be intimidating, but the training we get is second to none. John’s passion for the contract and teaching us the ins and outs gives me confidence when dealing with more experienced agents. Now when we look at offers for our clients we can pick out the agents who really don’t understand what the contract says! Add that with Mikes vast knowledge and training on the business side of real estate and you have a one two knockout combination! -Ashlee & Ryan Kane

Mike Jurecka is by far the best broker to have on your side! Not only is he very responsive but he goes above and beyond to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed in this industry. I am very thankful for John Holland to bring me aboard the URocket Realty team and for introducing me to Mike. These guys are the real deal and can assist in making sure you are successful in your business. Words can not express how thankful/greatful I am to be able to say I am a part of the only attorney/brokerage services in the state of Texas. Thank you Mike and John for everything you do and continue to do to help people, help people! Jose Jimenez


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