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"The Industry's 1st Annual Declining Cap With No Monthly or Annual Fees and Instant Credit for Previous Years With Active License"

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URocket Realty Revenue Plans

We believe you deserve the best opportunity to succeed, to build your career and expand your opportunities. So our commission plan rewards BOTH experience and performance.

Our initial plan, available to everyone, starts with an 80 percent split in your favor and a low cap of 12,000 dollars. Once you reach your cap, you receive 100 percent of your revenue. The cap DECLINES 1,000 dollars EVERY year until it reaches 7,000 dollars, whether you produce a lot, a little, or none. When you close a deal, you get paid from the closing funds. We do not hold your money.

When you produce a cumulative 3 cap amount, you earn a 90 percent split in your favor. Additionally, if you sponsor 5 agents, you earn a 90 percent split*.  The only other charge to you is a 50 dollar revenue share fee.

1st year




2nd year




3rd year





80 or 90%*




80 or 90%*




80 or 90%*



 *A 90% split is earned when the company dollar cumulates to a three year total; or you sponsor five revenue associates that have
fifteen transactions among them.
** A newly licensed agent starts with a 12000 cap. A one year agent starts at an 11000 dollar cap; all other agents start at 10000.  

At URocket Realty, performance is rewarded and not forgotten.


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*Revenue sharing is paid out as long as you're with us. If you retire or want to move to a non-mls brokerage we have a separate company you can move your license to and continue to receive your revenue sharing.

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