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Our goal is to provide the support and training you need to reach your career goals, so you can thrive in real estate. After all, our stated mission is “to enrich lives through real estate.” 

A recent industry survey found four primary areas of need for new agents:

1. Lead Generation and Cultivation. 62 percent reported that lead generation and cultivation is the most challenging area. Nearly 38 percent of respondents believed this was critical to training, with 47 percent believing it needed to be a priority in initial training;

2. Transaction Management. Nearly 12 percent reported the importance of transaction management tools; tools designed to help the agent maintain a proper balance between daily administrative duties and income-producing activities;

3. Marketing. Over 6 percent stated marketing help was a significant need; in other words, helping agents create and develop new business; and 

4. Managing Clients. Just under 6 percent answered that management of client relationships was a critical need.

We are mindful of these areas and consider them primary goals in our relationship with you. We are also aware of industry fallout and reasons why new agents falter.  Research recently found several primary causes:

1. Independent Contractor Status. 75% fail in part because they are unprepared for the realities of working as an independent contractor;

2. Unrealistic Expectations. 74% leave because their unrealistic expectations led to disappointing experiences;

3. Insufficient Brokerage Training and Supervision. Inadequate training (58%) and insufficient broker supervision (48%) contribute to agent fallout; and

4. Low Barriers to Entry. Ease of industry entry leads to ease of industry exit (47%).

So what are we to do about these challenges? For our part, we know that you have short and long term goals. We will provide you tools, training and an environment that cooperates with you in making your life in real estate better.  Specifically, as part of your association with us, we include:

1. The URocket Home Search App brings the most accurate and up to date real estate information to your clients' mobile device. It is branded to you and provides you and and your clients a collaborative tool to use in the search for their home.

2. BackAgent, the industry’s most complete virtual brokerage system.  It includes an office intranet system to optimize intra office communication; paperless document and transaction management; a promotional marketing platform; 

3. InComm, a highly rated CRM is available as an option. Its front end features include advanced property searches, map based searches, home valuation calculator and more. The  back end features  CRM, professional customized websites and more;

4. Instanet electronic document signature software facilitates your mobility by facilitating your document preparation;

4. Training, not just training materials and videos.  Our training includes a TREC, TAR and NAR certified and approved attorney trainer, as well as coaching by a broker equipped to address your real estate specific needs.  As a result, much of the training you receive may also be MCE approved, giving you easier ways to meet your continuing education requirements. The topics include technology, customer service, marketing and transaction inception and management training;

We know that we are in the lead-generation business. You get to sell real estate when you have clients. You need to develop a healthy lead generation system and stick with it. If you can do that, you will fall forward when you stumble. The real estate business is learned by experience and time; it takes more than a few months to master the needed competencies.

We also know that pre-licensing education is designed to help students pass a test. Training needs to focus on the job of being a real estate agent. Most new agents enter the business with little or no knowledge of the day-to-day workings of real estate. Most have never even seen a contract, so certainly cannot explain them to their clients.

We believe the initial training should focus on helping agents first with lead generation, then transaction inception and management, time management and customer service. Agents need context and hands-on training, not just watching videos, online materials and listening to war stories. Agents need to know how to write a valid and enforceable contract for their client, make sure everything is legal and competently negotiated.

We also believe new agents sometimes think real estate is ‘sexy.’ When they are not given proper training, guidance and advice, they float around in the wind for a while and then either get it or more often, do not. Instead, new agents should focus on learning and training rather than just making a living.  And if they want to thrive, they need to get on top of lead generation as soon as they can. After all, only by beginning with the end in mind will new agents reach their short and long term career goals.

We want you to enrich your and others lives through real estate. 

We also want to help you succeed through serving others while achieving more and reaching higher than you can alone.


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*Revenue sharing is paid out as long as you're with us. If you retire or want to move to a non-mls brokerage we have a separate company you can move your license to and continue to receive your revenue sharing.

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